Facts About Jackfruit – Origin, health benefits

Jackfruit originated from the western ghats of India, Srilanka, and also other places of southeast Asia. The scientific name of the jack fruit is Artocarpus heterophyllus, and the common names are Jackfruit, Jakfruit, Jaca, Nangka. It comes from a family called Moraceae. The most suited region for cultivation in a tropical part. Moreover, the first cultivation started in 3000 to 5000 years back. Especially countries like Srilanka and Bangladesh and states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu considered as national or state fruit. Nowadays, cultivation started all over the world, like tropical places in Africa and America.

In the southern part of India, people like Jackfruit similarly like mango and a banana. Jackfruit derived into two types in south India. One is Koozha chakka, which is sweet, soft and fibrous. And the second one Koozha pazham used for commercial and it is crispy. The flower mature as a fruit after 3 to 8 months. At the same time, one jack tree gives approximately 150 fruits.

Different Varieties of Jackfruit:

There are so many varieties of Jackfruit available all over the world, but in southern India, two main varieties are there one is Koozha chakka, and the second one Koozha pazham. kooza chakka is soft, sweet and fibrous were as Koozha pazkham crispy.

  • Cheena variety of Jackfruit is long and uniform in shape. Cheena variety can give 50 to 70 kg of fruits per tree.
  • Black Gold has the highest production of 50 to 90 kg of fruit annually. A natural manageable high production variety.
  • Cochin  Delicately smooth texture fruit variety with small size.
  • Golden Pillow a Thailand variety of fruit with the highest quality with 40% of edible flesh.
  • Golden Nugget grows fastly with the highest spreading. And also the leaf looks round and dark in colour and small size.
  • Dang Rasimi slightly oval shape which can use for commercial purposes. Moreover, it gives 75kg to 1ookg of fruit annually.

Culinary Uses of Jackfruit:

We can make delicious recipes with Jackfruit even if it ripens or unripe. Ripen fruit is used for making desserts and unripe mostly used for savory dishes. Jackfruit preparation starts with cutting the fruit. It is not at all easy because it consists of latex so while cutting we should apply oil to the knife-hands for easy cutting. Cooking proses can be directly boiling or we can give 10 minutes of pressure cooking. Above all unripe Jackfruit accomplishes chicken or meat because it has a neutral flavour and similar texture.

Recipes which can make with the unripe Jackfruit are with ripen fruit we can make a smoothie, and desserts and with unripe fruit, we can make chips, curry, sandwich stuffing, jackfruit biryani. Moreover, jackfruit seeds are also nutritious and edible. And it tastes like Brazillian nuts we can use it by boiling or a roasted one.

Health Benefits of jack fruit:

The fruit has so many nutritional values and medicinal values. So the fruit gives us so many health benefits will add in our diet. It also cures so many diseases as per the studies. Firstly Jackfruit is a low-calorie fruit with good cholesterol and has 23% of vitamin C in 100 grams of fruit. Secondly, it is a low sodium fruit and having 3.5% of vitamin A per 100grams. However, it also contains a good source of potassium, magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorous, Riboflavins and much more good nutrition in the fruit.

Jackfruit Is Good For:

  • Cholesterol: As we all know, Jackfruit has super medicinal value. The Jack seed reduces body cholesterol, which means bad cholesterol LDL cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol as it is a good source of fibre and low-calorie fruit.
  •  Blood Pressure: This fruit is a rich source of many minerals in that it has high potassium value. In every 100gm we can have 440 mg of potassium. Potassium helps in controlling blood pressure and helps in getting relief from tensions.
  • Cancer:  It has compounds like flavonoids, saponins, and tannins which also known as phytochemicals, helps in fighting with the cancer cells. These phytochemical substances which inbuilt has antioxidants help in curing the cancer cells
  • Diabetes: Firstly, Jackfruit comes under low Glycemic Index fruit. Low glycemic index fruit has fewer carbohydrates and natural sugars which helps in lowering the blood sugar levels. Moreover, it has high soluble fibers which also helps in decreasing the sugar levels. Aand also regulates the insulin level in the body.
  • Wound Healing: As the fruit has a high amount of Vitamin C, which helps in building a good immune system. As we know, vitamin C is a rich source of antioxidants. In addition to that, vitamin C also assists in building collagen protein to help in maintaining healthy skin, bones, and collagen is an essential protein for wound healing.
  • Healthy Digestion: Jackfruit is full of fiber-rich fruit having high soluble fibers. Fiber food helps in improving metabolism and seeds of Jackfruit are having higher soluble fibers.


In total Jackfruit is the superfood which has Vitamin A, C, minerals, dietary fibers, antioxidants and all other nutrients which helps us to develop good health. And also the fruit has medicinal values that used for preparing medicines. However, ripen fruit or unripe one we can have it by cooking or raw. The fruit can use in cooking, or we can eat as a fruit to get proper healthy development. The only side effect in this fruit is it contains latex which might be allergic.

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